The Benefits of Joining a Running Club

June 27th 2018 | Callie Sierra

At The Charity Clothing Company, we get your passion for fitness. As a team, we’ve completed 10K runs, half-marathons, bike rides and climbs. Several of us belong to local running clubs and have experienced the numerous benefits these clubs offer.

Whether you’re new to running or a seasoned pro, a running club can be one of the best moves you make to start or progress in your training. In fact, if you look online for running clubs in the UK, you’ll find several searchable directories to find the best running club by level or geography. In this post, we share a few reasons why you should consider joining (or starting) a running club today, from accountability to a sense of community. Happy trails to you!

Stay Motivated

One of the biggest challenges for runners is often not the physical demand, but the simple decision to just do it, to find the motivation to get out there. If you surround yourself with enthusiastic, experienced runners as part of a running club, you might be more likely to keep it up than you would if you rely solely on your own motivation. A running club offers consistent and collegial support from fellow runners who will encourage you to set a realistic and attainable training schedule that you can stick to. Plus, they’ll probably hold you accountable for those times when you feel like skipping a run. Lean on your running club so your “I’ll run later” or “I’m too tired” voice doesn’t win!

Mix it Up

Joining a running club will help you diversify your runs. Club members will bring fresh ideas for new routes and will push you to mix up your running routine and vary your training, perhaps through speed work, hills and longer runs. You’ll likely pick up tips and tricks from your running club mates, too, like stretching and injury prevention. There are also many running clubs that incorporate additional elements like yoga or strength-training with weights for a full mind and body workout. You might even find yourself traveling to new locations with your running club for special running outings across the UK or beyond.

Make Friends for Life

One of the biggest benefits of a running club is the social aspect. You’ll meet likeminded people and are bound to make new friends. Doing things with others, in general, can create a more positive overall experience and motivate you to keep it up. This is especially true with running, with is very often a solo venture. Big brands have tapped in to the social benefits, too. For example, Red Bull has a blog post on the top running “tribes” in London, including a midnight running club and an all-female club. Further proof that there really is a club out there for everyone. And if there’s not, you can always start one!


Become a Better Runner

Running club coaches can provide critical techniques that will help you improve as a runner. For example, input from your club can help you prevent injuries and avoid training the wrong way or even over-training. Looking to progress in your training? One tip is to set high goals and connect with a running club that will help you push your limits in terms of distance and speed. Many running club organizers will plan different training sessions by level of difficulty with a goal to help you move to the next level.

Make Training Fun

While running is inherently an individual sport, running groups can also lend a beneficial sense of community. In our experience, running clubs help you feel like you’re “part” of something bigger, which makes training more enjoyable and memorable. Running clubs can also help you on a professional level. Do you run with a corporate club to enhance your position or network with others within your company or industry? This is a great career move, literally and figuratively! At TCCC, we can help you plan the right merchandise and clothing for a corporate running club or even a company fun run for a local charity or team building activity. This might include branded running shirts so you can train and race in style.


Lastly, another running club tip that we like to practice is look good, run good. The right clothing will improve comfort and performance, and branded running club merchandise like medals, sweatbands and water bottles can help create team spirit and reward milestones among your members.

Convinced of the benefits of a running club but can’t find the right one in your area? Start one! Try reaching out to other running clubs for some advice and best practices on how to get started. Or ask around your workplace to see if your colleagues are interested in forming a corporate running group. We have some ideas for you, too. Get in touch with TCCC today and let us know all about your running club and fitness goals. We’ll see you out there!


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