Ultra-White Collar Boxing for Cancer Research UK

March 13th 2017 | Claire Odeon

Jensen “The Hurricane” Chung, our sales coordinator and resident sports fanatic, is in training to take part in Ultra White Collar Boxing for Cancer Research UK on the 25th March 2017. We spoke to him about his current training programme and why he’s putting himself in the boxing ring - all in the name of charity!

TCCC: Tell us what you're doing?

Jensen: I’m taking part in White Collar Boxing so I’ve essentially signed up to getting my face punched!

TCCC: Is it for anyone or anything in particular?

Jensen: I’m doing it to challenge myself. Everyone I know is running marathons and I wanted to do something different. There’s something quite primal about boxing but it’s good to learn in a safe environment. We’re trained by professionals and there's always medical staff on hand in case anything happens….when it happens!

TCCC: Why is it important to you?

Jensen: Well this is all a New Year’s resolution that’s gone a bit wrong; I’ve challenged myself to step outside of my comfort zone.

On top of that, it’s all for a good cause. I’m training with people who have been affected by cancer and it’s very motivating to be training with them.

TCCC: What does the training involve and how long is it for?

Jensen: The training period is eight weeks, with two sessions per week and an optional third session on Fridays or Saturdays (if you like punishment). It’s trial by fire - the first training session is about establishing fitness. Then training becomes technical, learning new techniques and sparring etc. 

So you start as a complete newbie, even if you have a background in combat sport, they treat you as a beginner. The first three sessions teach us technique so learning how to jab, how to move, avoid a punch and have a cry! Stop yourself from crying and crawling up into a foetal position and begging to stop! And then the sessions focus on ring simulations so you start with sparring.

TCCC: Does it help having an MMA background?

Jensen: Yes and no. Yes because I already know how to pretend to look tough and eat a punch, not cry or go foetal. Nailed that on day 1!

But mainly no, because it’s completely retraining my muscle memory. I’m used to using kicks, elbows, close combat, etc. whereas with this you’re not allowed to use any of that. A lot of it is ignoring what your brain is screaming at you to do like ‘take him to the ground’ and ‘use an elbow’. It’s like riding a bike and then someone tells you to start riding a unicycle, the concept’s the same but still very different.

TCCC: Does it hurt getting hit?

Jensen: Yes! I’ve had a bruised rib as most of my work mates know because I've been complaining like a child. No sympathy from them!

We’ve gotten a few injuries, someone cracked their knuckle on somebody’s elbow, we’ve had dislocated shoulders but we just popped it back in and carried on.

TCCC: When’s the big fight and have you got your fight song yet? 

Jensen: The big fight is on March 25th. You can visit my JustGiving page if you want to donate. We’re able to choose our own fight name and fight song before the match so my fighting name is currently Jensen “The Hurricane” Chung!

There was a bidding war between two of my friends to choose my fight song and I auctioned it off to the highest bidder. I’ve also had a few song suggestions - one is 2 Become 1 by the Spice Girls and then there’s Sabotage by the Beastie Boys. Thankfully Beasties won!