The Tale of the Tape

April 7th 2017 | Jensen Chung

Journey from the Desk to the Ring

So this was it… the culmination of 8 weeks of intensive training… waiting backstage with my vest and boxing shorts on which have JENSEN “THE HURRICANE” CHUNG labelled in white on my back.

Feeling loose, feeling warmed up and feeling good!

Coach Bill’s words ringing in my ears “Your training will kick in” - I bloody hoped so! My mind flashing back to my first training session, how I barely survived the 1st half hour, now after three rounds of sparring, I feel like I can go for another three.

Waiting behind the double doors that lead to the 10-metre runway, I hear my name being called and the opening drum beats of Beastie Boys Sabotage kick in. Excitement courses through my body like an electric shock! The doors open… The noise of the crowd is amazing... Each step I take charges me with more energy. I hear my friends and family’s cheers cutting through the noise; feeling a shared pride that I have made it. I reach the end of the catwalk, ‘Don’t forget to pose and look tough for the camera’ my inner showman advises. I make it up the steps and slide under the ropes ‘Don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip!’ Success! I don’t trip!

I throw a few combos to excite the crowd… show them I know what I’m doing… over to my corner to meet my corner man, a 12-0 professional boxer.

“This is it Hurricane, I want you to be light and work your jab, we’re going to go basic and work up.”

Then I see him… my opponent, Ricky, we’ve been training together, gone through hell together, my friend and comrade in arms but tonight my opponent.

The ref calls us over and goes through the rules again and we retreat to our opposite corners, ready to go!

“Ready?” He looks at me, I nod “Ready?” he says to Ricky, he nods and then the bell rings. That high pitch clank reverberates through the venue and cuts through the yells of the crowd. Let’s go to war!

After 3 rounds of both of us giving our all to hit each other the final bell rings. Both of us hug, feeling like winners, this was our Caesar Palace, our MGM Grand, we were headliners of our own O2 arena and nothing could take that away.

Ricky manages to clinch it with a point in the 3rd to take the win but that didn’t matter, we had made it and survived 8 weeks. I had met and trained with some amazing people who are now my friends and more importantly we have been part of the UWCB team which has helped raise over £8 million for Cancer Research UK.

We all had our reasons to step up onto the canvas but at the end of the night, we were there at The Troxy, together, fighting fit. I am thankful for the support my friends and family who showed up to the night and will take the lesson that I have learnt from this experience with me throughout life. See more pictures of the event here.