Taking Back Control with Endometriosis UK

March 12th 2019 | Callie Sierra

Every March, Endometriosis Awareness Month takes place around the world to help raise awareness of the debilitating condition and the issues that affect people living with it. More than 1.5 million women in the UK alone are affected by endometriosis, which can have a devastating impact on the lives of sufferers and their families.

5 Ways Running Benefits your Mental Health

January 21st 2019 | Callie Sierra

January marks the start of a new year and new beginnings. Many people resolve to exercise more in the new year. We think that’s a great goal!

5 Steps to Prepare for your Next Fundraising Challenge

December 13th 2018 | Callie Sierra

Winter is a great time to prepare for your next fundraising challenge, especially a charitable run or ride. One component is the actual training. If you start now, you’ll have time to develop a robust training plan to get you in tip-top shape for an event later this winter or in the spring.

‘Tis the Season: Five Festive Fun Runs to Tackle this Season

November 19th 2018 | Callie Sierra

The holiday season is here! This year, why not celebrate it with something that you can feel great about, like a festive fun run!?

George and the Giant Pledge

November 5th 2018 | Callie Sierra

Tomorrow marks the annual Pride of Britain awards, a glittering awards ceremony held in London where the extraordinary acts of ordinary people are celebrated.

Plogging: An Earth-Friendly Way to Get Fit

October 31st 2018 | Callie Sierra

Have you heard of plogging? It’s not just a fun word to say -- plogging is a whole new trend that combines jogging with picking up litter!

10 Tips for Running your First 10K

September 26th 2018 | Callie Sierra

At The Charity Clothing Company, we sometimes hear from our clients that running can be quite addictive. Many runners begin with a 5K race and enjoy the challenge and accomplishment so much that they want to set their eyes on completing a marathon.

Dig Deep: 4 Tips to Stay Motivated for Cycling Training

September 6th 2018 | Callie Sierra

You have a passion for cycling, but you also know that some rides are less fun than others. Especially if you’re training, it can be hard to find the consistent motivation to get out and ride on some days. The weather may be bad, you might be tired from work or perhaps there’s just something else you’d rather be doing at that moment. But, as a cycling enthusiast, you also know that keeping up your training and just getting out there will ultimately feel great.

Keep Cool & Carry On: Tips for Summer Training

July 31st 2018 | Callie Sierra

Love it or not, the hot weather is here. While the temperatures can feel oppressive at times during our British summer months, warm and steamy weather doesn’t have to hamper your training, so long as you take a few precautions.