Maddie's Message - November

November 18th 2015 | Aaron Kiely

2016 is fast approaching but with this comes the excitement of choosing which charity events to participate in for the New Year!

Truly Custom Cotton T-shirts

October 20th 2015 | Aaron Kiely

We are now giving you the option to truly have a custom T-shirt. We can make a shirt to any requirements.


August 3rd 2015 |

A Redraw service is now available at the Charity Clothing Company! If you have any logo/artwork that is too low resolution for print or if you can't get hold of the original files we will now recreate them as accurately as possible for you to have and use forever!

Bailey Matthews Completes his first Triathlon aged 8 with cerebral palsy

July 28th 2015 | Aaron Kiely

Bailey Matthews, 8, from Nottinghamshire, was cheered on by hundreds of people who stayed behind to watch him complete the Castle Triathlon in North Yorkshire that we attended on Sunday. This is a must watch video!

Not Your Average Clothing Supplier

May 14th 2015 | Aaron Kiely

Designing, manufacturing and supplying your custom clothing is not the only string to our bow. We also can create you a web presence, get you sales, handle all payments, and ship all the products to your lovely customers. Not too shabby huh!

How Many Vests Can One Person Wear At Once?

April 23rd 2015 | Aaron Kiely

Ever wondered how many vests one person can wear at once??? No.. well you're in luck. We have the answer.

Keep up with Clemmie in February

February 18th 2015 | Aaron Kiely

Unleash the Beast! The Baldock Beast is multi-terrain half marathon race across the undulating Hertfordshire countryside. Not called The Beast for nothing, the course starts with a long uphill slog and the hills just don’t stop coming!

Keep up with Clemmie in January

January 30th 2015 | Aaron Kiely

Whipping 'em into shape! At the Charity Clothing Company we have chosen our first event of 2015, as we gear for the ‘One True Grit Challenge’, a 10K obstacle run designed and managed by British Armed Forces. We are now preparing for this by incorporating gradually increasing long steady runs to build endurance as well as hill running to build power, strength and speed.

Wednesday Night Running Club

January 15th 2015 | Aaron Kiely

In a bid to practice what we preach, we have started a running club to get all the team running. Every Wednesday we will don our running shoes and attempt to get a little bit fitter.